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A Bit About Me

A Few Things I Get Stoked About

  • Just about anything outdoors related! I love to rock surf, camp, mountain bike, ski, and hike. I built out the back of my Subaru Crosstrek to be the ultimate adventure mobile

  • Coffee! I will brew you the best cup you have ever had

  • That feeling you get when you're surrounded by your favorite people eating some dang good food

  • Connecting with people on a deep and real level

  • Telling stories (both verbally and through photographs)

  • Jesus

  • Dancing (not well, but who cares?)

  • Road trips with good music and better pals

  • Getting stoked


My Photo Philosophy (How I Shoot)

My first goal as a wedding photographer is to tell your story in a memorable and authentic way. I use a photo journalistic approaches that pays extra attention to the moments "in between". The moments that most people miss but that make all the difference. Like the way you look at your new spouse as they are  killing it on the dance floor, or the tear that rolls down your mom's face as you are saying your vows. Yes, posed portraits are important (and don't worry! We will get plenty of these too!), but it is these moments frozen in time that truly tell your story.

My second goal is to make you feel comfortable and look awesome! These are the pics that will be hanging in your home forever and the ones you are going to be showing your kids one day. Trust me, you want to look your very best! Whether you believe me or not, you are a model. Some people's inner model hides a bit deeper than other, but I am confident I can bring it out and make you look as stunning as you truly are.


My third and final goal is to make your wedding experience the one you have always dreamed of.  I will do everything in my power to ensure that your wedding day is perfect.

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